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Popcorn Time
1 min read

Popcorn Time

Having never been a movie buff, I had skipped over some of the biggest titles like The Godfather, Pulp Fiction and Avatar, to name a few, for a very long time.

In 2021, I decided to set things right. The pandemic was on, there wasn't much to do, it was a good time to try out something new - 1 good movie every month. Like most new hobbies I attempted during that time, this didn't stick, but I did manage to watch several good movies that year and the next.

It's 2023, and I am going to re-attempt this. Instead of having a goal like last time, I want to approach it differently this time. I'm curating a list of things I want to watch this year and starting to chip away as and when the mind desires. It's what I have been doing with my annual reading list, and it's what I'm going to do with movies too.

I re-discovered Letterboxd through my friend Ratik, and it's now my go-to for managing lists and keeping a diary (love this feature). I also use the desktop web much more nowadays, so it's great that the web is quite nicely designed. Not only that, but I still haven't used all features, and I hear the Pro version has even more to offer. It's becoming one of those platforms where I can get lost for hours, discovering new stuff to watch.